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OpenLiteSpeed 1.x

OpenLiteSpeed 1.0.4 (Legacy - 2013-6-25)

OpenLiteSpeed 1.2.11 (Legacy - 2014-9-26. Added Features: Supports SPDY/3 and 3.1, WebSocket proxies, OCSP stapling, protection against the Shellshock Bash vulnerability.)

OpenLiteSpeed 1.3.12 (Legacy - 2015-6-30. Added Features: page caching module, LSIAPI for third-party module integration, HTTP/2 support)

OpenLiteSpeed 1.4.31 (Current stable edition. Added Features: Lua, PageSpeed, ModSecurity, file upload, upload progress and shared memory support, PHP 7 support, RCS integration, all configurations in plain text.)

OpenLiteSpeed 1.5.0 RC3 (Release Candidate. Added Features: ModLSPHP, Multi-Thread APIs, Module Developer Guide)

Release log

You can also download OpenLiteSpeed for CentOS from our repositories.