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Main Features

  • Event-driven architecture with extremely low resource (CPU and RAM) overhead.
  • Handles hundreds of thousands of concurrent connections without load spikes.
  • WebAdmin GUI with real-time statistics.
  • Rewrite engine uses Apache mod_rewrite syntax.
  • Worker processes for scalability. Ability to bind certain processes to particular workers.
  • High-performance coding using kqueue (FreeBSD and OS X), epoll (Linux), /dev/poll (Solaris), and poll.
  • High-performance page caching.
  • Support of third-party modules through API (LSIAPI).

Performance Features

External Applications Support

  • Supports PHP, Ruby, Python, Perl, and Java external applications.
  • LSAPI, a LiteSpeed-native SAPI, greatly improves PHP, Ruby, and Python speeds.
  • Delegates external applications to separate processes, increasing efficiency.
  • Buffers requests and responses to external applications to more efficiently serve multiple connections.
  • Efficient CGI daemon.
  • Compatibility with third party PHP accelerators.
  • More efficient communications, controlled number of processes, and less web server resource usage increases scalability of web applications.

Security Features

  • Apache-compatible SSI support.
  • SSL support and hardware acceleration.
  • Bandwidth and connection throttling.
  • IP-based access control.
  • Strict HTTP request validation.
  • Referer limiting.
  • Response rate limiting.
  • Anti SSL BEAST and renegotiation attack capabilities.
  • Buffer overrun guards.

Stability Features

  • Graceful restart feature allows application of configuration changes and upgrades without server downtime.
  • Fault tolerance and instant restarting.
  • Runs completely in user space. OS reliability is not affected.

Basic HTTP Server Features

  • Unlimited concurrent connections.
  • Accept-filters and TCP_DEFER_ACCEPT support.
  • Chunked transfer encoding.
  • Keep-alive connections.
  • IPv4 and IPv6.
  • Entity tags.
  • Multi-range requests.
  • Exact/prefix/regex-based matching.
  • Unlimited name-based and IP-based virtual hosting.
  • Custom error pages.
  • Autoindexing.

Advanced Features

  • Easy virtual host configuration via templates.
  • mp4 and flv streaming.
  • Easily run multiple versions of PHP on one server.
  • IP geolocation.
  • Can send logging to logging server.
  • Load balancing.
  • XML or flat file configuration.
  • Can serve as a reverse proxy to accelerate static content delivery, compress throughput, or run security.
  • OCSP stapling.
  • WebSocket proxy support.