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V1.4.15 (Stable)



  • Updated pagespeed module to work with the cache module.
  • Updated cache module to support more parameters, use a shared memory cache manager, and PURGE from trust IP.
  • Added more APIs to LSIAPI.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an HTTP/2 bug that selected 'h2c' during negotiation.
  • Fixed an HTTP2 bug which caused multiple line headers errors.
  • Fixed an xpool bug that could cause crashing.
  • Fixed a bug that caused partial content to be returned when a proxy server replies with content-length and OLS compresses/decompresses with content-length unchanged.
  • Fixed a bug where in some cases modgzip and the internal gzip both perform compression, causing the client to display incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug in ls_lock which caused an error on MAC and FreeBSD.
  • Fixed a bug in rewrite map configuration parsing which caused crashing.
  • Fixed a bug that failed to flush ending chunk "0\r\n\r\n" when EAGAIN returned from a previous write().
  • Fixed a bug where request rate throttling would not work.
  • Fixed a bug where GeoIP config didn't match the conf file.




  • Updated HttpMime and HttpContext level MIME code
  • WebAdmin and tooltips updated

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where matching contexts used server level suffix handler instead of vhost level.
  • Fixed a bug in plain text configuration parsing.
  • Fixed a lua module bug.
  • Fixed a bug causing a seg fault in aho if input was not valid.
  • Fixed a bug where an errorlog would sent even if successful.




  • Added SSL Session configuration to Webadmin.
  • Added support for ARM architecture.
  • Added logic to skip chacha ciphers.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused SSL context to fail.




  • Added SSL Ticket and SNI logic.
  • PageSpeed module upgraded and psol lib changed to version
  • Support added for large files in API, sendfile, and request body.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in testing mmap() causing a return failure.
  • Fixed a bug in reqParser where 0 byte files were treated as 2 byte files.
  • Fixed HTTP/2 related errors reported by h2spec 1.1.1.
  • Fixed a bug causing crashing in xmlnode If node is null.
  • Fixed a bug that caused PHP generated 304 pages to hang (github issue #48).
  • Fixed a bug in updateClientInfoFromProxyHeader() that broke IPv6 support.
  • Fixed various bugs and updated tooltips in WebAdmin.




  • Includes PHP 7 Beta 1 support.
  • SPDY/HTTP2 will now be installed by default. To disable, use ./configure --enable-spdy=no during installation.
  • Changed internal logging system (Logs will still look the same).
  • Refactored userEventNotifier and renamed it to EvtCbQue.
  • PageSpeed module upgraded to use Google PSOL Library v1.9.32.4.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that may cause SPDY to hang.
  • Fixed a bug in HttpRespHeader that may cause a crash.
  • Fixed a bug related to range request handling.
  • Fixed a bug in the pagespeed module that may cause a file size increase.



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some HTTP/2 and SPDY bugs introduced in 1.4.9, which may cause 404 errors and long page loading time.




  • Added PHP 7 compilation support.
  • Added Request Body Parser.
  • Created new LSIAPI functions to access parsed request body data.
  • Created an internal file upload module which makes files upload faster and saves server CPU time.
  • Added an uploadprogress module which displays the progress of uploading files.
  • Added demonstration page “upload.html” and “upload.php” to example/index.html to show how to use new features.
  • Added an uploadchecker example module demonstrating examples of how to use new features and APIs.
  • Updated default cipher configuration.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a SPDY bug involving the default window size setting.
  • Fixed bug in httpvhost that could cause a potential crash.
  • Fixed internal bugs in SPDY/HTTP2.
  • Fixed bug causing URL encoding issues.




  • Created Adaptive Array Structure, updated internal structures to use the new class.
  • Contexts now accept path wildcard matches.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bugs in HTTP/2 implementation.
  • Fixed bugs in Object Pool, caused memory access errors.
  • Fixed bug in Pagespeed, did not handle a specific error code.
  • Fixed bug with server side max stream limit.
  • Fixed bug with default process count, causing server to create too many processes.
  • Fixed various bugs related to SSL, caused different issues.
  • Fixed bug that caused compiler based issues.
  • Fixed bug in lua makefile.
  • Fixed bug in ChunkOS.
  • Fixed bug in HTTP session handling, may cause crash.
  • Fixed bug in module handling, may cause crash.
  • Fixed bug in SPDY.
  • Fixed bug in accesslog, possible buffer overflow.




  • Improved HTTP/2 implementation to be more strictly conforming to HTTP/2 specification. It now passes H2Spec test suite.
  • Improved HTTP/2 Performance.
  • Improved LSIAPI internal logic.
  • Improved SHM locking and SHM hash container stability.
  • SSLv2 ciphers are now disabled by default.
  • Enhanced the server's SSL Renegotiation Protection.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a memory leak in the request header handling logic.
  • Fixed bugs within the Server API related to accessing AutoBuf memory.
  • Fixed bug causing static file compression to not work.
  • Fixed bug causing static file compression to bypass the module decompression flag.
  • Fixed bug in LSIAPI causing some modules to not work properly.
  • Fixed bug in modpagespeed's basefetch class that may cause the server to crash.




  • Added more HTTP/2 error handling to detect invalid compression code.
  • Updated httprespheader to support header size limit settings.
  • Improved the method of searching both static header table and dynamic header table.
  • Improved LSIAPI callback function calling implementation.
  • Fixed bug causing high CPU use with HTTP/2.
  • Fixed HTTP/2 encoding error.
  • Fixed bug causing sendfile to not work properly in certain cases.
  • Fixed bug causing AIO-related crashes.
  • Fixed a locking bug in lsshmpool.

Cache Module

  • Fixed a memory leak.




  • Updated HTTP/2 support to draft 17.
  • Fixed bug causing HTTP/2 string to not be displayed in the error log.
  • Fixed bug causing HTTP/2 to not handle uploading big files.
  • Fixed bug causing OPTIONS requests to not be handled.
  • Fixed bug in PCRE functions.
  • Fixed bug in PHP build tool when used on Debian.

PageSpeed Module

  • Update module to use latest stable PSOL library:

Lua Module

  • Added More Lua SAPI support and improved internal Lua logic.

LiteSpeed Runtime Library

  • Updated shared memory internal logic.




  • Added support for HTTP/2 draft 16 (ALPN, NPN and upgrade).




  • Automatically redirect to HTTPS when SSL_Accept fails for an HTTPS page because the request is a plain HTTP request.
  • Added more LSIAPI functions.
  • Updated
  • Fixed a bug causing shared memory to fail while initializing.
  • Updated PCRE m4 file that may cause installation failure.
  • All bug fixes included in 1.3.6.

Cache Module

  • Updated cache module to use $VH_ROOT, $VH_NAME and $SERVER_ROOT variables in storagepath parameter.
  • Fixed a hidden URL path bug which may cause errors.

PageSpeed Module

  • Added support of In-Place Resource Optimization.
  • Update supported PSOL to
  • Fixed bug causing PageSpeed to not build correctly on CentOS 5.



Feature enhancements

  • Added LiteSpeed runtime library.
  • LSIAPI code refactoring.
  • Re-engineered WebAdmin console.
  • Added multiple language support. (English and Chinese currently included.)
  • Added PageSpeed Module v1.0- (beta).
  • Security: Block headers starting with Shellshock signature.

Bug fixes

  • Bug fix: Problem with range requests for a file with a size of zero.
  • Bug fix: SSL error during OCSP response verification.
  • Bug fix: Firefox does not send "Accept-Encoding" header over SPDY.



Feature enhancements

  • Secure ciphers used by default.
  • Added "Proxy-Host" environment handling for rewrite engine.
  • HTTP_END HANDLER_RESTART hook no longer initialized statically. It is only set up when gzip is used.
  • Optimized HttpRespHeaders::reset().
  • Eliminated error message when RCS does not exist.
  • Internal modules have default priority set.
  • If both .conf and .xml configuration files exist when upgrading to 1.4.x, the old .conf file will be removed before converting .xml config files to .conf.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that referenced a NULL pointer.
  • Fixed pointer not advancing after appending query string.
  • Fixed gzip bugs.
  • Fixed uninitialized variable bug.



Major feature enhancements

  • Added mod_lua, a module for handling Lua.
  • Added shared memory functionality to LSIAPI.
  • All configuration files are converted to plain text (including those generated by the WebAdmin console).
  • Virtual host configuration files are now stored under the new /usr/local/lsws/conf/vhosts directory.
  • Added RCS (Revision Control System) integration to allow automatic backups and version control of all config files.
  • Added script for recovering previous XML configurations when downgrading below version 1.4.

Legacy Releases

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