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  • Added mod_lua, a module for handling Lua.
  • Add shared memory functionality to LSIAPI.
  • All configuration files are converted to plain text (including those generated by the WebAdmin console).
  • Added RCS (Revision Control System) integration to allow automatic backups and version control of all config files.
  • Added script for recovering previous XML configurations when downgrading below version 1.4.



  • Added HTTPS proxy support.
  • Added several new hook points and new API functions to LSIAPI.
  • Upgraded and refactored cache module to decrease errors and fix a bug that may cause a memory leak.
  • Fixed bug causing etag settings to not take effect.
  • Fixed bug in mod-gzip causing it to always compress when the client accepts compression, whether or not the content type is compressible.
  • Fixed various bugs of installation/uninstallation related scripts.



  • Added to fix the timestamp on files that lost their timestamp when using "git clone" (causing "make" to always need re-configuration, etc.).
  • Added "storagepath" parameter to cache module to allow custom cache locations (including per-vhost).
  • Fixed bug breaking HTTP authentication.
  • Fixed bug causing graceful restart to fail on Mac OSX.



Feature enhancements

  • Added more functionality to LSIAPI and updated some existing LSIAPI functionality.
  • Added the hook point LSI_HKPT_HANDLER_RESTART to handle cases such as redirects.
  • Added support for internal modules.
  • Added modcompress and moddecompress internal modules.
  • Added openssl version log message at server startup.
  • Added on_clean_up callback function for module handler.

Cache module updates

  • Added support for PURGE, REFRESH, and HEAD commands.
  • No longer stores error page and static files.
  • Enhanced cache control usage.
  • Automatically makes and installs during OpenLiteSpeed installation.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in VMemBuf reading and releasing of memory.
  • Code refactoring and response process tuning.



Major feature enhancements

  • Added LiteSpeed Internal Application Programming Interface (LSIAPI) for support of third-party modules.
  • Added OpenLiteSpeed page caching module.
  • Added example modules for reference.



Feature enhancements

  • Added SSL_MODE_RELEASE_BUFFERS to save memory on idle SSL connections.
  • Removed http/1.0 from SPDY NPN String.
  • Updated MIME configurations based on user feedback.
  • Added SSLContext::setSessionCacheSize(), SSLContext::setSession timeout and updated default ssl session timeout to 100800, default cache size to 40K.
  • Updated to avoid malloc() replacement issue on some systems.
  • Make sure connection keepalive is not used for SPDY.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug: SPDY stream kept open resulting in a growing number of SSL connections.



Feature enhancements

  • Added X-Forwarded-For response header to WebSocket proxy traffic.
  • Added X-LiteSpeed-Location response header processing code.
  • Turned off log7080. It causes trouble if server is very busy and has many socket connections.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug: make sure SPDY Streams are released before recycling SpdyConnection.
  • Fixed bug: exec() "litespeed" instead of "lshttpd" during graceful restart.
  • Fixed bug: make sure -1 status code is not stored in HttpReq, so it will not be used for logging.
  • Fixed bug: Installer now uses symbolic link with relative path for lsws/bin/lshttpd.
  • Fixed bug: relocated m_pContext to reset to NULL after each request.
  • Fixed bug: relocated m_pHttpHandler to reset to NULL after each request.
  • Fixed bug: old rtreport files now removed during startup in case number of worker configuration has been changed.* SPDY/3.1 support.



Feature enhancements

  • SPDY/3.1 support.
  • Added more font-related MIME types.
  • Adjusted default configurations to avoid unnecessary problem due to low default limits.
  • Changed default buffer size from 8K to 16K when using a global buffer.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug: read partial file when /proc/net/if_inet6 larger than 4096 bytes.



Feature enhancements

  • Added ECDHE_XXX ciphers support.
  • Added DHE support and DH Parameter configuration for SSL contexts.
  • Changed help from static text file to side tree indexed.
  • Added and to replace for PHP downloads.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed missing parameter for LOG_ERR() causing vsnprintf() segfault.
  • Fixed bug in HTTPS throttling.
  • Fixed a bug in changing listener names in listener and virtual host settings.
  • Fixed a bug in changing name for templates.
  • Fixed a bug causing appendStrNoQuote() to crash accessLog::customLog().



Feature enhancements

  • Enabled adding an Alternate-Protocol header to the HTTP response header.
  • Updated the maximum number of connections to 1,000,000.
  • Response body size is now set to INT_MAX if Content-Length response header was not set.
  • Updated code to make sure reference counter is correct when serving mp4 files.
  • OpenLiteSpeed will no longer dumpHeader if the request line has not been parsed yet.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing gzip to not work well.
  • Corrected directory owner when creating tmp/ocspcache
  • Fixed an HttpUtil::unescape bug which may cause the next function to crash.
  • Corrected code to avoid infinity loop when moov box ExtendedSize = 0.



Feature enhancements

  • Improved OCSP stapling.
  • Now makes sure safe TLS 1.2 cipher is used by default.
  • Added WebP MIME type.
  • Rearranged HttpContext flags.
  • Created script to enable autoindexing for a context even on vhosts where scripts are disabled.
  • Content-type header will not be sent when 304 is returned, even when set by backend.
  • Messages about processes being killed with SIGTERM will not be logged to simplify error logs.
  • Updated Build PHP to include PHP 5.4.18.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug in SSI engine where used timestamp from last include file instead of current file.
  • Upgrading will now keep user's current WebAdmin username and password.



Feature enhancements

  • Enabled TLSv1.2 cipher when OpenSSL 1.0.1 is used.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug causing appending index to URI not to work properly.
  • Fixed CPU Limits setting under Security tab to only apply to CGI processes.
  • Fixed Access Control setting's handling of IPv4 subnets.


2013-7-11 (Designated as stable release)

Feature enhancements

  • Separated server tuning configurations into different groups in the WebAdmin console.
  • Added HTTP header to "HTTPS is required" error page.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug causing blank pages in the WebAdmin console.
  • Fixed bug in the rewrite engine causing incorrect values for ${SCRIPT_NAME}.
  • Fixed bug in the response header precluding server signature edits.
  • Fixed bug in admin_php installation script.



Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug in response header handling for http requests with gzip encoding enabled.



Major new features

  • Added WebSocket proxies.
  • Added OCSP stapling.

Feature enhancements

  • PHP build utility now includes 5.5.0.
  • Added PHP build utility option for XCache.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed proxy header x-forwarded-for bug.
  • Added configuration handling for "enableIpGeo".
  • Did code optimization to loopbuf to avoid high cpu usage.
  • Bug fixes from v1.0.4.



Major new features

  • Support for SPDY/2 and SPDY/3.


2013-6-25 (Legacy as of 2013-7-11)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug with gzip compression.
  • Fixed passing IPv6 listener bug.
  • Fixed OSX CMSG_SPACE compile error.



Feature enhancements

  • Updated OpenSSL location checking, OS type checking, and path checking scripts.
  • Added --enable-debug, --disable-rpath, and --with-libdir options to configure script.
  • Added autoindex scripts to installation destination directory.
  • Added -ldl to LDFLAGS when linking testing fails.
  • Updated WebAdmin console.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed secure listener bug.



Feature enhancements

  • Improved rewrite engine url handling.
  • Updated to use the old user:group if previous XML config file exists.
  • Updated to use "nogroup" for Ubuntu/Debian.
  • Added option to disable PHP STDERR logging.
  • Removed liblber dependancy.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed WebAdmin console template member vhost instantiate bug.
  • Fixed bug that was causing variables (such as $VH_HOME) in virtual host template member vhosts to not be parsed.
  • Fixed problem with send/recv fd on freebsd 64bit.



Feature enhancements

  • Added auto-start feature.
  • Changed admin-PHP installation to download a pre-built copy as opposed to building one.
  • Blank context location will now automatically build at the document root + URI.
  • Adjusted process name string to "openlitespeed".

Bug fixes

  • Added docs/css and docs/img to dist/.
  • Fixed Ubuntu/Debian install bug.
  • Fixed custom vhost templates overwritten by reinstall bug.
  • Fixed build rewrite target URL containing query string bug.
  • Fixed context multiline extra header bug.
  • Fixed other minor bugs.


2013-5-2 OpenLiteSpeed 1.0 published.